Quantity vs Quality


When I started out in photography 20 years ago, studying graphic design,  learning studio and darkroom techniques, we were poor students scraping by and buying film was rather expensive! We would shoot rolls and rolls, but be super precious about every time the shutter was pressed. We would hope for at least a handful of decent shots to develop and print from every 24 or 36 exposure roll. These were the first photos in our portfolios and exhibit pieces. Our entire future as photographers was riding on this. Such pressure!


Back then, and even further back when we were kids, it was common to go into a professional photo studio hoping to get just one great photo.

Digital photography has changed consumer expectations enormously. The industry has turned into a file factory and clients often come in for a session and expect 50 great photos or even more. People seem fixated on the digital files, and while I totally get that (I love to have all the photos too), I still argue that there is more power in just one great image.

Here's the thing, if you have too many photos often they're just forgotten. They sit on your computer or USB drive, and maybe a lucky few will end up on Facebook or on your Holiday card. But most of the time, all those photos are hardly ever seen. All that time and effort to get everyone ready for the session for nothing!

So I shoot with a purpose.


Usually I ask my clients what they’d like to do with their photos. Sometimes they say they have a frame they want to reuse or an empty spot somewhere on a wall that needs a wall portrait. Other times, they just don’t know. This is a great part of my job. To help guide you as to how we can bring your printed artwork to life, and to choose that special image to share with your family, becoming an heirloom for future generations. How to choose that special image to share with your family, becoming an heirloom for future generations.

When you choose just one photo, the photo becomes a story in and of itself.  It tells us about that special person and who they are in that moment. It is a portrait in the truest sense of the word.


This doesn't mean I’m just going to take one photo! When you come in for a photoshoot with me, I always take lots of photos and give you many to choose from. But my goal is to capture that one GREAT one, the one that will become your story, your heirloom. The one that you'll proudly hang on your wall for years to come.