The in-be-‘Tween’ Sessions


Oh my gosh! Where has the time gone?! Before you know it your sweet little baby has changed into a sassy Tween, your 10-13 year old pre-teen mid-schooler.

Self-esteem boost

You remember that age, right? It’s a confusing, emotional time, dealing with new schools, new friends, new social pressures and puberty too. At this age your kids  really need to be loved and given a self-esteem boost so they know they’re awesome. 

You’ve got lots of shots of their development milestones…first of them as a baby, and then as they made appearances in family portraits…but soon after that they seem to disappear. Between 10 and 13 years of age they’re no longer a little kiddo and not yet a teenager. But before you know it they turn into teenagers… sporting braces, having odd growth spurts and all the growing pains that go with growing up. Then finally they reappear for their Senior session.

Why not give your Tween the self-esteem boost they so desperately need at this age. More memorable than a quick social media selfie, we’ll plan an awesome session that will be unique, and just for them.

The Tween sessions are a lot of fun, capturing their maturing personalities, celebrating how far they’ve come and who they’ve become.

Email me at or call the studio at 720.938.8393 to discuss a unique photo session for your Tween.