Tips for your Toddler Photoshoot


I’ve been a family photographer for almost 12 years.

I’m also a mother to two boys. I think you could say at this point that I “get” kids and (get ready for this) sometimes kids don’t do what you want them to do! Shocking right?

And when it comes to photoshoots, this character trait goes into overdrive. Not a lot of children really want to be there, so here are a few tips on how to handle the situation. Parents listen close:

Give them space

Over the years I’ve learned that if there’s a meltdown while trying to wrangle a toddler into doing something they don’t want to do, to just take a step back and give them their space.

I’ve noticed if we don’t force the issue they’ll come around in the end. Sometimes it’s a game of waiting. If you want a photo of your toddler with a new baby but he refuses, let’s wait and try a different approach. I’ve got my tricks to get them there. I make it a little game like “can you show me the baby’s ear” or, in the worst cases, to tuck a lollipop in the blankets with baby for them to find. From my angle it looks good and no one would know any better.

We make the Photoshoot Fun

Kids love toys at a new place right? Sometimes it takes a little time for them to warm up especially if they are a bit shy of me and just need time to settle in and relax. This actually helps everyone relax and I’m not going to rush you into the session right away.

A Little Bribery

With parents’ consent I have lots of stickers and lollipops. A little bribery sometimes helps, so this is highly recommended, but kept as a reward rather than during the being a good kid at the doctor’s office.

Sense of Humor and their true image

Like I said, I’ve worked with kids for a really long time. So if your child doesn’t cooperate or has a little meltdown, please don’t worry about me or what I think. I get it. I’m a mom too!

Remember, photos are meant to capture your child as they are now. There is no right or wrong. They don’t have to sit perfectly and fake-smile like creepy dolls. Just let them be themselves. If they scowl at me, I’ll take that shot. If they laugh, I’ll take the shot.

I promise you, we’ll get some fun photos of their true selves caught in the moment.

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