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8 Ways to look Amazing in Photos

Whether you’re preparing for a portrait, group photo or love taking selfies, it pays to know how to look great in photographs. 

Start here.

Determine your best feature. Determine your best asset. And then, highlight those features.
But besides the wearing clothing that highlights your features or that feels good, hair and makeup here are some posing tips to help you out:


1. Twist a little

If you’ve ever worried about the camera adding 10 pounds to your middle, try this trick to LOSE 10 pounds instead. 
Twist your waist by turning one shoulder toward the camera and the other one away from it. This is a great angle to help anyone look slimmer.


2. Control your chin

Extend your neck towards the camera very slightly. This may feel awkward, but from the camera’s perspective it doesn’t look awkward at all.
Instead it conceals any hint of a double chin!


3. Avoid Direct Sun

Avoid the direct sun at late morning and noon as it will only create deep shadows under your eyes, nose and chin. Instead, look for some shade. 
The diffuse light in the shade will illuminate your face evenly.


4. Be Yourself

Try to forget there's a camera in front of you and just chat, play and be yourself as much as possible. You'll be able to capture a much more natural expression.


5. Shoot From Above

Everyone looks better when the camera is looking down from just above the subject. So if you find yourself straight on, rather find something to sit on or squat a little lower.  Looking up at the top of the camera will help to make our eyes look brighter and bigger.


6. Don’t Say Cheese

We've all said “cheeeese”  in one too many pictures. To help bring out your most natural and genuine smile, think of a joke or try exchanging a few jokes with the photographer.


7. Do something with your hands

If you’re standing, place the hand closest to the camera on your hip; this adds definition to your upper arm.
If you’re sitting, gently clasp your hands in front of you or place it on your knee. 


And lastly:

8. Take a breath and drop the shoulders

Right before the snap, take a deep breath and release it. This will relax your features, giving you a more natural look.
Also, drop back those shoulders. Often nerves and discomfort goes straight to the shoulders.