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Maternity and Milk Bath Session - Shannon 36 Weeks

Shannon opted for some studio work and followed by a Milk Bath. Sinking into the warm bath filled with fresh flowers and aromatherapy oils she couldn't understand why not more people want to do this. You only have to lay and relax, close your eyes and sooth your hard working, changing body while I snap away. You will totally forget you are busy with a photo shoot.

Baby Milestones: When should you photograph your baby?

Yes, I know, your baby is just perfect and you want to photography him/her every moment. Although I truly believe that parents should have point and shoot cameras with them at all times, I believe that professional photos can be an amazing addition to remembering these amazing moments. I know hiring a professional photographer can be a little overwhelming should you desire pictures every single day. However, because the quality and artistic talent of a professional can be completely amazing and priceless, I will explain when it is the best time to photograph your new little addition given your baby’s milestones!


For me there is nothing more beautiful than an expectant mom. This is such an exciting time waiting to meet your baby. And even if you don't feel it, you are gorgeous. If you are still pregnant and still haven’t photographed your “bump” by a professional now is a great time to have these done. This is part of my baby plan if you should choose to include this - which I highly recommend. No mom, no matter how terrible she felt on the day has ever regretted taking photo of this time in your family's history. These sessions are amazing! A great addition to your baby book or your luxury album celebrating the life of your new baby, from beginning to, well another beginning!



Feeling like you were just hit by a train? A little tired? Most likely. During your baby’s first week of life, you and your family are no doubt going through amazing changes and adjustments. Trying to figure out a lot of things. This is the most unbelievable time to have your baby photographed. I encourage parents to bring their newborn babies in BEFORE 2 weeks of age but even BEFORE 1 week of age, is ideal! Most are looking to have their newborn photographed naked with perhaps an artistic pose. Newborn babies that are just a few days are able to be posed, comfortable naked (as long as they are warm and their bellies are full), and cute as can be. During this time (as a parent of two I know this) we are too tired to truly appreciate the tiny toes, the blistered lips, the wrinkled back. I'll try and capture all these tiny details, and create some amazing artistic images. Your baby changes so fast, don’t let this time pass you by before you can capture it professionally.



You’ve had a newborn session, now what? Your baby is changing by the day! You want to make sure you don’t miss anything but you can't have them photographed professionally every 5 minutes. I recommend the next time your child makes strides in their development is the best time to bring them back. At 3 months, your baby is now smiling! Yep, they know who you are! Babies at this age will smile and interact a lot. This is something that they did not do as a newborn. Some babies with also be able to have some tummy time. If you are finding that your baby is within this age group and is not yet ready for belly time, which is perfectly fine, wait, YES WAIT, until these shots are possible!



About this age, there is another milestone, your baby will be grabbing for toys, laughing, and even sitting up! This is a great age and one of my favorite to photograph. Again, if your baby is not yet sitting up, wait a few weeks until that is possible. Please know that sitting up with a parents help and balancing does count! I don’t think babies need a lot of props to enhance photos or clothing for that matter, but as they get older adding them can be fun and their personalities shine so much that your little one for sure be the center of attention in any photo!



This is another one that some choose to skip. Remember we want to count milestones right? Well, if you capture baby at 6 months, and then at 9 months, not too much has changed. Maybe crawling, and if you want that captured great. If you want to wait, I tell my clients to wait until something is different. And babies develop differently as well.



Crawling, standing with help or even walking. Teeth! It’s all here by now. This is a milestone for sure! Never fear if your baby is not walking yet you will want to get their portraits done at 1 year! Some of my clients will wait just a couple weeks after their birthday because they know for sure they may be walking. Again, it is up to you. Celebrating your baby’s first year is for both of you! You have been with your little one now for 1 year and can’t imagine life any different. It is time to capture another fantastic moment if their/your life!



Stay in touch. Imagine the images, the collages, the montages capturing your baby from the bump, to 1 year, to after? As your photographer I will help you create amazing products you will cherish forever. You will want to capture your toddler and child again at milestones in their life. I encourage every 6 months after they are 1. Once they are 3, time appears to slow down a bit and most of my clients intend to shoot once a year, some still remain on the 6 month time frame. Bring them back for those missing front teeth (so cute), the teenage years, the senior photos and beyond.

I offer incentives at different times of the year to encourage more priceless moments for my clients, take advantage of all those opportunities as I have NEVER heard a parent complain that they have too many pictures of their child!

Locations by month

I have categorized my locations by months (of seasons really) and numbered them the same in each month category to show you how the same location changes through the year.

Winter: January - February

Highlands Ranch #1

If you want snowy photos this is a good time to be ready to go last minute. It is hard to predict the snowfall far ahead. This locations has a bridge and evergreen trees to use.

Highlands Ranch #2

A favorite location of mine throughout the year and it changes a lot through the seasons. Little bridge, mountain views and bit field. Not many evergreens so pretty brown and bare winter months.

Castle Rock Location

Great location with red barn and stone cottage and field.

Greenwood Village location #1

Spring: March - April

Littleton Locations - Blossoms

For the last two weeks of April I have a great Littleton locations for blossoms.

Highlands Ranch #1

Bridge location with evergreen trees and cool stairs to use.

Highlands Ranch #2

Little bridge, mountain views and big field. Also a white wood house backdrop and cool log to use.

Highlands Ranch #3

This location features a bridge, field, a pond and dead tree logs to use.

summer: May - August

Great time of year for photos. The parks are green and the days are long and the late afternoon sun makes for great afternoon light. The mornings are nice and warm too so we can go out really early to some parks as well before it gets too bright out.

Highlands Ranch #2

Little bridge, mountain views and big field. Also a white wood house backdrop and cool log to use.

Highlands Ranch #3

This location features a bridge, field, a pond and dead tree logs to use. This locations is obviously really green this time of year.

Highlands Ranch #4

Spectacular views from the ridge

Greenwood Village location #2

This beautifully kept park features a bridge, water and field to use. Parking close by.

Littleton location

This location works throughout the year (there are evergreen trees in winter time) but late August there are beautiful flower fields as well as water features and bridge to use.

Highlands Ranch Mansion

Beautiful door features and stone details.

fall: September - October

Fall is a very popular time for outdoor photos for obvious reasons. I usually start earlier in my foothills / Evergreen location to extend the season since fall colors only arrive later down here in Denver.

Evergreen Location

Beautiful location with large fields, aspen trees and some mountain views.

Littleton Location

This location works throughout the year (there are evergreen trees in winter time) but September there are about three weeks of gorgeous fall colors. Lots of photo spots, trees, bridges and water features to use as well as a red barn and pathways.

Highlands Ranch #4

Spectacular views from the ridge

Denver - Wash Park

Great central location and works mornings and afternoons. Fall colors not guaranteed.

Denver - River location

Castle Rock Location

Great location with red barn and stone cottage and field.

Parker Location

This park features a field, water and a bridge

Castle Rock - Downtown Location

winter: November - December

As the winter months set in, outdoor locations are getting bare again and I usually (because of Christmas photo requests) stick to evergreen tree locations.

Highlands Ranch #2

Little bridge, mountain views and big field. Also a white wood house backdrop and cool log to use.

Littleton location

Same park as in the fall but this time I use the evergreen backdrops. All the fall leave trees are bare and brown.

Highlands Ranch #4

Spectacular views from the ridge. Snow not guaranteed though.

Littleton Location #2

White barn, trail and field. Snow not guaranteed.

Summit County

Greenwood Villlage Location #1