Studio Photography


We have beautiful outdoor parks here in Colorado, but I think it’s best to enjoy those on your own time as a family and snap away with your phone if you like. 

Studio photography is just in a different class all together. Each session is meticulously planned and lit, and you’ll see the difference immediately in your final photo gallery.

In studio we achieve a consistent look, which would not be possible if using different locations for each session. And because the studio is a controlled environment the focus is totally on your child or your family. No unwanted distractions.

Have you ever let a 2 year old loose in a field or park? Sure there’ll be a lot of great candid photos, but to get them wrangled into a family photo, and then hope everyone will pay attention to the photographer is a tough order! 

Candid photos can be taken so easily with your phone. As a professional I like to take photos that are obviously not phone-pics.

Studio-based photography gives you much more flexibility in terms of schedule, time of day, or season. Outdoor shoots are always subject to unforeseen weather changes, or inevitable squinting in the sunlight.

I have clients that come back for family photos every year, and there’s no reason to worry that your studio photos will all look too similar. Your kids change so much each year, and each time you come into the studio they’ll be in a completely different place in their lives. So while you gain consistency in the style of your studio images, but your photos will never look the same each year there’s something new to capture.

Your photos will have that sought-after timeless quality, and your collection of family photos will last a lifetime.