Printing Service and Products


Why I offer printing services

Over the years I’ve made changes in my business in order to ultimately serve my clients better.

When I speak to clients and ask them what they did with the disc of digital files from previous baby shoots, they usually say, “Honestly, nothing yet.” Often they've misplaced it or just haven't had the time to get those beautiful baby pictures printed and framed as they had originally planned to do.

My job as photographer is not complete until I’ve helped my clients figure out what to do with the images we created, rather than just handing you the digital files and saying “good luck figuring out what to do with these!”

I offer a range of products that you can enjoy every day and pass down to future generations.

access to professional labs and guaranteed superior quality products.

As professional photographer, I have access to professional printing labs that offers products with 100 year guarantee against fading and quality. This means you have access to it as well. My prints are museum quality fine art prints and if not framed, at least come matted ready to be framed. This is the kind of quality your files deserve. Apart from prints I also offer the following service to my clients:

1.Free WALL ART Design and visualization Services


I offer wall art design services, free of charge, to my clients. You’ll get to see exactly what your photos will look like on your own walls, at the right size.

This will enable you to “try it before you buy it” so you know exactly what you’re getting before you place your order, making it so simple to get those photos off the thumb drive and onto the walls where they belong.

2. Done-For-You album design services


We’ll sit down together and decide which photos will make it to your album - at least 10 and then you can sit back and relax. I’ll take care of everything for you from here. I’ll design your albums and get prints ready to send to print - sometime resizing is needed and colors adjusted depending on lab it goes to. I deal with the printing lab and quality check everything before hand delivering it to your doorstep.

Did I mention - everything IS DONE FOR YOU?!!! This will give you FREE TIME to enjoy other things. How VALUABLE is your FREE TIME? I repeat…all you have to do is look forward to seeing your photographs on your walls in just a few weeks.


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