Prepare for a Newborn Photoshoot


As new parents you’re going to fall absolutely in love with your new baby, but you’re also going to be exhausted beyond compare. Your whole life as you know it will be turned upside down. It’s overwhelming. Even the smallest everyday tasks become so much harder to do, let alone trying to get out the front door.

I recommend that families come in for their newborn photos within the first 10 days. So let me help make it easier for you by sharing what you need to know to prepare for your newborn photo session.

Before you leave home

I usually recommend a bath to keep baby awake, or change and feed them right before you leave. A dry and well-fed baby will most likely fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. That way we can just transfer him or her right into their session and they’ll probably sleep for the entire shoot.

Dressing your baby

I have plenty of great swaddles and outfits to use, so you don’t even need to bring anything. One less thing to worry about!


I usually keep things pretty simple and don’t use very many props, but if you have a special heirloom that is dear to your heart and want to incorporate into a photo or two, then by all means bring that along. (I still have my baby blanket and first shoes!)

Get in the picture

I always take a few photos of the parents with their new baby at each session, so come prepared. Neutral colors work best, and rather avoid clothing with patterns or logos.

Baby is in charge

I aim to keep a calm environment and plan a few setup options, but sometimes newborns have their own ideas. Sometimes they cry - a lot. Sometimes they pee and poop all over - including me. That’s no problem! I’ve had that happen more than once. (I think it might even bring good luck?) Best to laugh about these moments – we’ll always remember them.

Your newborn session is one of your first experiences as a new family. So just enjoy it!

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