Mom and Dad get in the Picture


I'm so thankful I have a whole bunch of photos taken with my own babies, but unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. As a new mom (or dad) you're totally overwhelmed with this new baby, and everything you knew before is turned upside down now. Photos aren't quite top priority, I know... I've been there too.

Especially for moms, maybe your pregnancy wasn't an easy one, or you endured the delivery from hell! Or perhaps everything went wonderfully smooth and easily for you, but you didn’t realize you'd still look pregnant when you left the hospital with your 7 or 8 lbs baby! At least no one told me that! 

You're going to be exhausted beyond belief. You won't know up from down. You won’t remember the last time you showered, or if you have any clean clothing left without any spitup - or worse - on it! So, when you tell me you don’t want to be in the photos, I totally understand.

The last thing I wanted to do was to be in photographs and show off that hot mess!

But I’m going to tell you this. Even though I cringe looking back at my post-baby photos, I wish everyone could have photos with their babies.


They're for your baby. This is their story - their legacy.

When your baby grows up and looks at those pictures, they're not going to see that you're tired, or that you look heavy, or that your hair wasn’t perfect that day. They'll see their Mom, who they love. They'll see themselves in their Dad’s strong arms. And they'll treasure those images forever.

Not one of my clients has ever regretted taking photos with their new babies. I have a hair and makup artist who will pamper you and make you look great. I even have a wardrobe of clothing to dress you if you can’t find anything clean at home.

I promise, you're going to be so happy you decided to be part of the picture!