The Six Month Session / Sitter Stage


This is probably one of my favorite sessions to do. At one year they’ll be running around and totally on the move, but at six months they are sitting, but still and usually contained to one spot.

They’re way more awake than in the infant stage, more interactive, and very curious about what’s going on around them… and they’re always ready with a huge smile. That’s the best reward for any photographer!

Here are a few frequently asked questions about this milestone and how to prepare for it:

How to Dress The Baby

When it comes to dressing your baby for their photo session I believe, as always, that less is more. A diaper or a plain onesie looks great. I also have a bunch of cute pants, overalls, dresses and bows to add to this basic layer. Hats are also really cute although they never stay on for long… just long enough for me to catch a quick photo. If you have a favorite outfit for your baby, bring that as well. If you want to stick to the same color scheme as your newborn session, or to fit in with your nursery décor, we can work with that too.

When To Book

Although I call this the "Six Month Photo Session" each baby has their own development milestones at their own time, and there’s no pressure to book these in a rush. I suggest you book when your baby can sit on their own, but is not yet crawling. The timing varies from baby to baby and can be anywhere between 5 and 9 months.  

What To Expect

The Six Month Session tends to be the quickest. Babies at this age are all fun and games at the start, but they get tired really fast! I get the must-have shots right at the start and I try not to stretch the session to total exhaustion for your baby. My goal is to keep everyone happy, and at least we’ll have time for him or her to have a great nap afterwards.

Your first ‘proper’ family portrait

At this stage we can also do a quick family session as well. This works well if your baby likes to be cuddled, and it’s a good way to settle them into the studio environment before their individual photos. By now your baby is looking like a unique little person, more so than in their newborn photos, and it’s a great opportunity to do your first ‘proper’ family portrait. I suggest, just like with the newborn session, to keep outfits plain and simple, and the colors neutral. Grays and creams always work great.

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