What to Wear Guide


What to wear can be one of the biggest stresses when getting your picture taken. Should you and your partner or environment match or not? Dark or light colors? Stripes or no stripes? Here's a quick guide to help you make the easiest and best decisions for your session, however, just use it as a guideline. 

1.  Match your house

If you plan on hanging these images in your home, or in a specific room or office, then it’s a great idea to wear colors that match that room. This way, the images will blend perfectly with your décor. If your walls are tan, then you might choose tans, blacks and reds. If your walls are gray, then you could choose cooler colors like gray, plum, or turquoise. If you don’t have a specific style in your home, or are unsure whether you'll be displaying a large image, then you could choose to wear neutral tones.

2.  Patterns are both good and bad  

If you choose to wear patterned clothing, be sure to complement them with something solid. Remember, too many patterns become distracting. You want the focus to be on the faces and the emotion in the image and not have the clothing distract from that.

3.  Avoid logos 

Similar to the patterns tip, try to avoid wearing clothing with big distracting logos or slogans on them.

4.  Choose color groups 

Here are a few COLOR GROUPS you might want to use as inspiration: 

Traditional and classic: Tans, denim, black, white, cream

Jewel tones: Purple, cranberry, teal, squash yellow, navy

Bright and colorful: Red, blue, orange, yellow, bright pink

Neutrals: Sage, navy, black, cream, olive

Fall colors: Purple, orange pink and brown

Holiday colors: Red, silver, gray, black

Spring and summer: Tan, coral, gray, yellow

Color pop: Stick with whites, tans, grays, and just a pop of red or pink highlight

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